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Our British Beef is sourced from selected plants in the UK with full traceability to conform to a consistent specification of quality and trim level, cuts available include;


• Silverside • Topside • D Rump • Striploin
• Rump Fillet • Whole Fillet • Rib Eye • LMC
• Knuckle • Heel • Chuck Roll • Chuck Tender
• Rolled Brisket • Bone In Sirloin • Bone In Rump & Loin • Ribs on Bone

Supplementing our British Beef range perfectly our Meat Department also offers a wide range of Pork, Poultry & Lamb;


• Rindless Pork Loin • Pork Horseshoe • Pork Trim • Pork Tenderloin
• Pork Spare Ribs • Pork Fat


• Chicken Fillets • Whole Chickens • Turkey Butterflies • Duck Breast


• Carvery Lamb Legs • Boneless Lamb Legs • 1 Rib Lamb Loins • Lamb Shanks
• Boneless Lamb Chumps • Square Cut Lamb Shoulder

For details of our range of offal please contact sales@leiversbros.com

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