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Collier's Cheese
Powerful Welsh Chedder.
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Including Cheddars to Stilton our distinctive cheeses are selected from a shortlist of quality conscious suppliers, producing a thoughtfully crafted range that ensures every taste can be satisfied including;

• Block Cheddar • Grated Cheddar • Waxed Cheddar
• Stilton • Stilton & Fruit Blends • Stilton & Savoury Blends
• Territorial Cheeses • Continental Cheeses

Our Cooked Ham offering is tailored to cover both modern tendencies for vac-pac halves of gammon ham to traditional ideals of bone in cooked ham including;

• ½ Rindless Cooked Ham • Full Rindless Cooked Ham    
• Bone In Easycarve Cooked Ham • Sliced Gammon Ham
• Full Honey Roast Ham • Rind On Cooked Ham

We also carry a large stock of butters and lards, tinned meats, delicatessen lines, sauces and stuffing.

Gammon, Bacon &
Sliced Bacon
A Sumptuous Range of Cured
Products from Carefully Selected
EU Approved Suppliers
Cheese, Cooked Meats &
An Extensive Portfolio Offering
Quality and Value
Beef, Pork, Poultry &
Developed Over Generations Our
Range of Fresh Meat is Custom
Made for the Independent Retailer